The salon is working and selling professional products of the Spanish company Motebello – About us


Hair colour as a science

Creating colour, which appears natural is a true art form – this is being a colourist. “From the finest nuance, to the most extreme colours in the palette – I am looking forward to give you the best hair colour you have ever had” – shares Ivan. A consultation holds the key to achieving the perfect shade and his client’s happy smiles. Ivan invites you to his studio on 51, Neofit Rilski St where he will suggest the best solution to will match the colour of your skin and eyes, as well as your personal style. We at Life Hair Design work exclusively with Montebello – a Spanish brand which offers a big variety of products which protect the hair and leave it shiny. In Life Hair Design we offer different services:

  • Tone on tone;
  • All over hair colour;
  • Natural partial and full highlights;
  • High/lowlights creating the sense that you were born with them;
  • Balayage which can be more natural or more extreme, depending on the client’s wishes.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word which means “to paint”. Its gives you the sun kissed highlights and a natural looking hair colour similar to what nature gives us as kids. Montebello has an ammonia free range called Oalia. For clients with stubborn white hair their product Chromatone re.cover, with the rejuvenating qualities of tsubaki oil offers 100% coverage.

The right change of hair colour

There is a joke about things being so simple when it comes to women’s hair: straight hair needs to be curled, curly hair – relaxed, short hair – lengthened. We can also add that blondes want to be brunettes and girls with dark hair dream about being blondes. With the correct accents every hair colour change becomes more subtle. It can be very fine and with a complete harmony with hair’s natural colour. Why not balayage, for instance, the natural combination of brunette and blond? There are also the numerous tones and interesting decisions with full/partial accents and highlighting. Highlighting is an essential technique which gives natural results and is a long-term investment. It is no coincidence that this technique is so popular in Europe.

Brazilian Blow-dry is truly a phenomenon

When it comes to deep nourishing and bringing back your hair’s shine and strength we in Life Hair Design use the products of La-Brazilians. Brazilian blow-dry, as this therapy is also called is a true phenomenon. The magical ingredient used in the products is keratin. Keratin is an integral part of the hair, nails and skin. It repairs the cortex and brings back the natural strength and structure of the hair. This will make your hair extremely shiny and much more manageable, without any frizz! The effect of the therapy lasts for 12 weeks! Results depend on the natural condition of the hair, which is why we invite you for a free consultation with Ivan, who specializes in the use of this product and will tell you about the way this wonderful product works and how it can benefit your hair.