Milena Stefanova
Such a special gift to be hair styled by our dear friend Ivan! His incredible technique, artistic vision, and personalised style makes the experience unique! Thank you for the family treat!

Virginie Cerdeira
Ivan has been cutting my hair for almost 9 years now and I hope he will continue to do so for a very long time! He understands exactly what I want and what suit me and I always get compliments on my hair. He’s a fantastic hairdresser and a true magician when it comes to colouring your hair! He is also dedicated and pays a lot of attention to details. I highly recommend him, you won’t regret it!

Borislava Stefanova

I’m so glad I met such an amazing, skilful, knowledgable and friendly hairstylist! I tied so many hair salons in Sofia and I’ve never experienced a real high quality service…Ivan’s salon is world-class. I definitely think he’s the best in the city and I’m so happy he’s here:)))

Stefan Milenkovic
Great dude, really puts in effort to his work 🙂
Fernanda Cema
I have been doing my hair with Ivan since he was in London and he is just FANTASTIC the best for all things hair!!! No one like him anywhere in the work!!!
Raji Woodhouse
I have trusted Ivan completely since the first time I stumbled across a studio he worked in 10 years ago. He knows exactly what to do to bring unruly waves and curls into line. He’s been our family stylist for a decade now, also doing an amazing job cutting hair of wriggly 3 and 7 year olds!
Piotr Koziel
Every time I had haircut with Ivan I had a great time and best outcome approved by all my friends! He’s super skilled and his designs are always special. Trust him like no one before.
Zlatina Mitova
This guy will not cut your hair. He’ll invigorate it and breathe new life into it. You will walk out of that salon beaming with joy. Guaranteed.
Sarah Carmel
Ivan is absolutely magic with my hair! Love what he does every time, always works with my style! A hair genius!
Takvor Teriemezyan
One of the best. And I’m so blessed that my head have been so many times by Ivan Ivanov dressed.
Марин Илиев
Това е мястото,където ще намерите перфектно отношение и обслужване, съчетани с качество и професионализъм до последния детайл! Пробвайте, няма да съжалявате. 🙂
Надежда Кузманова
Място на което можеш да се почувстваш в най -сигурните ръце,място на което ще получиш най -доброто отношение и професионализъм,съчетано с прекрасна обстановка…отиваш в Life hair design by Ivan Ivanov и излизаш нов човек с прекрасна прическа и настроение!